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Spring 2023


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Winter 2023


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Fall 2022


Your Source for Black Theatre and Entertainment

Black Masks is a long-established Black theatre and entertainment magazine. Created in 1984, this publication has gained the support of both Black theater and entertainment practitioners and audiences. The founder and publishing editor is playwright Beth Turner.

In its thirty-ninth year of publication, Black Masks has subscribers throughout the U.S., in Canada and in the Caribbean. Published quarterly, the magazine features articles on Black performing artists and Black arts groups, and overviews of important Black theater and entertainment issues. Each edition also carries comprehensive listings of current U.S. and occasion-ally international Black theater and entertainment events. The articles in Black Masks are based on original interviews and research. Print subscriptions are only $28 a year. Electronic subscriptions are $20.

Spring 2022

Emerging Black Women Lighting Designers

Still heavily dominated by White male designers, the field of professional lighting design was broken open for Black women by Shirley Prendergast in 1973. Kathy Perkins highlights the work of three contemporary African American women lighting designrs who are building upon Prendergast's legacy.

Winter 2023

Harry J. Elam Jr.: Transformational Leader and Champion for the Arts

Aware of the power of theatre as a societal as well as a cultural force since his youth, Elam forged a career path that melded academic excellence, diversity advocacy and artistic achievement, culminating in his recent appointment to the presidency of Occidental College.

Fall 2022

Celeste Bedford Walker: Feminist and Historical Dramatist

The historical and feminist dramas, comedies and mysteries of this award-winning Texas-based playwright have graced Black theatre stages across the country for over forty years.

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