Kathy Perkins: A Tale of Two Passions

Kathy Perkins is a master of lighting, both as a designer and as a scholar. She has designed lights for theat-rical productions throughout the U.S. and internationally. In a world where some mistakenly think that the first Black woman playwright was Lorraine Hansberry, she has also brought to light the works of African American women play-wrights prior to the 1950s, plays by women from the African Diaspora and the accomplishments of Black people behind the scenes...

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August Wilson Society Colloquium Scores Big in Pittsburgh

During the final week of April 2018, the August Wilson Society (AWS) descended upon Pittsburgh and, for three days, found a home in the lovely, vibrant, and spacious August Wilson Center for African American Culture (AWC). This veritable hub of African American cultural activities proved to be the perfect location for "Go Back and Pick up the Ball: An August Wilson Society Colloquium," whose title mirrored a football anal-ogy uttered by Wilson's venerable and seemingly ageless Aunt Ester...

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In Memoriam: Gertrude Jeannette, Ted Shine, Reg E. Cathey

Black Masks commemorates the lives of three Black theater luminaries.

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